Cabling Systems

Cabling system combines local computer network and telephone network, security systems and so on. Q Group company offers complete as well as individual components installation and maintenance services.


Carrying out Research before the Project . We carry out Cabling Systems technical and quality checking, decision of the planned cable network category, giving deadlines, budget planning.


Projecting. Based on the recruited (collected) information the projecting is performed by our experienced specialists with the mutual agreement of the client.


Implementation of the Project. Based already on the existing project document, using the necessary devices and equipment, Installation of cable laying, /quality checking Fluke Test/ , installation of devices are performed .


Digital Viewing Systems.Q Group implements the installation of IP cameras, DVR-s providing security, Configuration / video, audio, and the chance of online watching /.


ATS / Automatic Telephone Station /
Holding  telephone system network / Cabling /


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